Can the generic operator menu in the tool shelf be moved?

I love the operator menu in the tool shelf for on the go control over whatever operator happens to be in use, but now that we have tabs, it would be really dope if I could display them in their own tab and just keep the default menu closed. I think this would make for a much cleaner presentation. So basically, is there a way to draw those commands that propagate from the operator window in the tool shelf somewhere else? Or would doing so require individual conditionals for each known operator. :RocknRoll:

Just press F6

That’s super cool. Did not know you could do that. And that gets me closer to my over all answer. So I suppose I could draw the “screen.redo_last” operator into a custom category to create a tab for it (now I am remembering the stuff that shows up in this area are operators which include “redo” in their bl_options. But I wonder how I might display its contents instead of displaying it as a button which summons a menu.

I thought maybe I could use operator enum or operator menu enum but was unsuccessful. I may not be implementing it correctly though. I’m not really sure what to “enum” from screen.redo_last. Anybody else have any ideas?

I’m pretty sure you can’t draw the content of F6 popup somewhere else. The redo system is a distinctly, hardcoded hell of a thing. It’s not even possible to read the previously used settings of macros (only operators).