Can the Google PixelBook run Blender 2.8?


I've been looking to add 2 more devices for personal use, a SOC (raspberry Pi) and a Chromebook. I need a computer/tablet/convertible superlightweight with a pen to make cartoons with the GreasePencil tool on Blender 3d, an maybe do some Da Vinci Resolve pre-editing to render in my Hackintosh later. I used an old ipad on the go because I had a Macbook Pro but it was too heavy and bulky (sold it), but I would love to have a Blender-to-draw-Cool-laptop. The pen is Awesome.

 I just LOVE the Pixelbook form factor, and need a computer to draw Cartoon in Blender on the go (I don't even need to render, and I use google apps for my production stuff). Da Vinci Resolve 16 needs a dedicated GPU, but if it runs resolve 15 or 14 would be enough for me (I had Resolve 15 In my old Macbook Pro).  I wouln't mind to have 2 OSes, I love linux and OSX... or I hate Windows Too much.I would buy this thing right away if so. I would love to know your opinion (specially if you are Intel/Chromebook Owners) and know how the pen it performs in blender. 


Didn’t read your post due to the horizontal scrolling. Those code tags were a bad idea.
That said, if you’re in for the ride to convert the Pixelbook from ChromeOS to a proper Linux, then yes you can run Blender.
If you ask for my opinion I’d say run as fast as you can and get a proper machine for that money.

I cannot understand why you would use code tags for… not code, but heres the text transcribed to something we can actually read.

Anyways. I looked up the specs, and I’m honestly pretty surprised that it looks like it should run blender. It doesn’t have a graphics card, so probably not going to run particularly well. But if you’re doing simple things maybe useable?
One guy from this year old reddit thread said that it works, one guy said it’s completely unusable. Probably depends on your definition of what is, and isn’t unusable.

All that said, I would recommend something beefier always. But it should atleast run, if not always as performant as one might wish.

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Good point, I should have been a bit more clear about that.
The fact that you can launch Blender has nothing to do with a pleasant experience.

Edit: You would have to do “something” to it anyway and I’d be very cautious about the driver situation for that pen.
In my opinion, it’s not worth the trouble.

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