Can the same UV map been shared with many objects?

Yesterdey i discovered how to assign one material to many objects at once, thank to BeBraw and Patel, now the question of the day is… is it possible to share the same UV map between different objects?

I have a lot of objects obtained by copying and modifying the topology of the very first object i modeled at the beginning. The number of the vertices is exactly the same then the unwrapping should ideally give me the same UV map for all the objects.
But if i’have to do manually UVunwrapping of all those objects i’d spend the next month in that.

So, there is a way to tell Blender it can share the first UV map with all the objects of my scene? Thankx!

It’s the same as with the Material.
Unwrap one Object and as long as all Meshes are the same, you can assign the UVs
to all others.
Select all Objects and the UVone at last (active)
then go to the menu: Objects - Scripts - UVCopy from active


Thank you so much, man.
How can it be you know so deeply blender? Have you many years’ experience with it?

About 5 Years I think, but still don’t know things I had never used, like the BGE. :slight_smile:

that explain a lot! i let your joining date confuse me a bit.
thank u so much!