Can there be two "defaults" in User Preferences?

I have User Prefs set to remember settings that speed up my rendering time, according to:

I was wondering if there was a way to have two “defaults” so that when it came time to render I wouldn’t have to go back and change all those settings. TIA

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Well, settings are saved in the startup.blend file (exact location depends on your operating system). I guess you could make two of them and have two batch files or shell scripts copy either one from some directory to the …\AppData… or …/config directory and then run blender. e.g.

  • settings storage directory XYZ contains startup1.blend and startup2.blend
  • script 1 copies …/XYZ/startup1.blend to …/config/startup.blend and executes the blender binary
  • script 2 copies …/XYZ/startup2.blend to …/config/startup.blend and executes the blender binary