Can this model be able earn/sell

This model I made in blender and some more cars but I not sure if it will be able make any sell would it?

It depends. If you’re targeting automotive renderers, I’m sorry to say that they wouldn’t use it even if it cost 1€. The model has noticeable shading problems at geometry level, at the same time it doesn’t seem to have enough geometry, these two aspects make it unusable for this kind of clientele.

If it’s to be used as a static model in a game, you can probably get a little bit out of it, but I would avoid putting real brands on it; and even if it doesn’t have enough geometry for rendering, it still has too much for an indie game.

Anyway, if it’s one of your first models then congratulations, it’s still a good result for people just starting out in 3D. It means that with the help of some tutorials you have the potential to get professional results. It will take patience but don’t give up (and don’t go into burnout).


Thank you for your input

In this tutorial you can find the steps to fix your shading issues on your car model


Not just car but it helped me on other projects thanks for providing tutorial!

Also check Arrimus 3D channel he made many tutorials about solving pinching/shading issues