Can this resolution trick be done in VSE ?

I’m a beginner & only use the VSE in Blender. I mostly post videos for a group during our classic corvette cruises.

I have 2 Dashcams in my car taking front & rear views as I drive. Each cam records at [email protected] I stack them (via image offset) on top of each in Blender so the resulting vid is 1600x1800. This shows the views out the front & rear car windows simultaneously.

Sometimes I would like to show just one of the views. When doing this it would be great if I could enlarge that view for greater detail. I realize I can’t do this within my resolution w/o losing parts of the sides.

My question is…

is there a technique I’m unaware off on how to accomplish this? I could start off w/ a much larger resolution, but then when I show the front & rear, they would be black borders & the file would be much larger also. Since the majority of the time the stacked views play, that isn’t an option.

Any tricks u pros use?..thanks for u’r time on this.

I’m not sure I see the point. If you want to focus on one simply turn off the other strip through opacity. Otherwise use a transform effect to move the focused one into the middle. This effect strip will allow you to zoom up the shot but it wont get any sharper and you’ll cut off the sides.

There is no easy way around the problem.

Thanks for the reply & info.

I wanted to avoid the appearance that something was missing by just leaving out one of the views all of a sudden.

The idea of moving the one view to the center when not using both & possibly zooming in a small amount sounds like the best solution.

I’d appreciate any advice about using the transform tool to place it in the center & how to zoom in temporarily…afraid I’m a beginner here :confused:

Are you exporting at that resolution? How are these vids being viewed? If you’re just posting them onto Youtube at 1280x720, then there’s no point in outputting at 1600x1800, and your original 1600x900 resolution gives you a little wiggle room to zoom in on a clip without losing quality.

ETA: If you’re trying to fit two vids into a horizontal format, you might try something like the image below. You could put your club logo in one of the black areas, and the date and location in the other.

Steve S

Steve, I put one directly above the other so each view is 1600x900, ie, each is the same size since most often the view is of equal importance…the viewer sees what I see out my windshield as well what is visible through the rear window.

I output the finished video at 80% in Blender. At that output, utube doesn’t degrade it much at all…I’ve played w/ different resolutions & found that (1440p) is a sweet spot that utube doesn’t screw up.

I like the idea when I want just one view to place it in the center & perhaps a neutral dull color at the bottom & top to have the focus just be on the center. Then when I transition back to both views, to have the video go back to that view.

I can accomplish (after reading hours of blender help & tuts!) what I already do, but have never used the tools 3point Edit described.

…hope, I’m making sense here.

I should add this…the (practically all DCs do it this way) Dashcams records in short 1-2minute clips. Putting together a final video requires taking the clips u want to use & either splicing them together to form a continuous clip, or transitioning from 1 scene to another in Blender.

I just noticed when I want to show only one view, I can move it to the center by adjusting the Y setting to 450.

As the video plays both views (one is offset; Y-0, the other is Y-900), I transition from those 2 clips, to my next clip, using only a single clip, in which I change the Y setting to 450…that puts it nicely in the center. Transitioning again to both views, the setting get’s reverted to Y-0 & Y-900.

looks like we posted at the same time…don’t u think that if I go with my post #7, I won’t have to use the transform tool?

edit…meant post #7

3pointEdit and/or Steve

Does the transform tool also allow zooming in?

edit…just read the post both of u referred to…scale a strip, I guess that would indicate the answer is Yes.

My thanks to both of u for the time u took here.