Can transparent glass has real reflection?

Hi,I’m new to Blender,and I found eevee is an intresting render.
But I got some problems about transparent glass.
For example,glass on photo, refraction is OK,but reflection is not very good,compare to Cycles.
So I wonder the reflection plane could do the job,but it can’t…and looks like BUG…
Can anyone tells me how to make a transparent glass has refelction and refraction at the sametime plz?
Thanks very much.

Use reflection probes and turn on screen space reflections in the EEVEE scene panel.
Use glass material at

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Feed photo into a Principled node, with settings resembling photo paper or whatever.
Then mix shader using fresnel and Glossy shader into the second input. This simulates the glossy (only) part of the glass. For flat glass you don’t need to worry about refraction. For the fresnel to work as expected for this case, make sure the “blue normal” is seen (rather than the red one, using face orientation overlay).

With screen space reflections turned off, make sure the arrow of the reflection plane points into the room, and adjust the reflection planes settings (clip distance, turning off data preview etc). If you turn on screen space reflection, make sure indirect clamp isn’t causing any major issues.

There may be some issues lately with how vectors work. Trying out this, I’m getting errors (odd “clipping”) whenever I look through the camera - orienting freely it goes away. And on a regular basis for a few days, complex nodegroups gets their exposed vector input changes from vector to float. So there might be some bugs going on for the time being.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! I will try it!