Can Turbulence influence particles w/a Curve Guide?

When I use a Curve Guide force on particles, I find all other forces (other than collisions or other Curve Guides) are ignored. Is this correct behavior?

See this example .blend file:

I have a Curve Guide influencing some particles. At the same time a Turbulence Field is sliding along the curve. (Note that it affects the two other sets of particles which have the Field Weight for Curve Guide set to zero).

I want the particles on the curve to show some turbulence when the field passes through them, but nothing happens. Is this just the way things are with Curve Guides?

Yes it seams it’s true. But if you check free then other force fields could affect it.
But than PS is not that curve guided anymore.

You could try using a lattice modifier instead on the curve guide for controlling the direction of the particle movement. Force fields will still have an effect on the particles.

particle_lattice.blend (757 KB)

Interesting technique, AlanK. One thing I noticed is that the force’s placement has to be made in the PRE-Lattice location to affect the particles. Took me a minute to figure that out, some head-scratching was going on. I never realized you could use Lattices like that on Particles. Very useful, thanks!

Yes the lattice can be quite useful in controlling particle streams. Hope it helps.

particle_lattice1.blend (638 KB)