can u mirror an animation?

hey all,

i;m trying to make a run cycle for a character, so i was wondering if there was an option for flipping an animation. :confused:

for example, if the character has his right hand up and u flip the animation, the character will have his left hand up.

I don’t know if it’s really what you mean but check theBSoD Tutorial - Look for “Flipping the pose” :yes:

Besides that I think you’re in the wrong forum - here is a thread for all the little questions

Greetings, Robert

If your bones are named properly( armL armR LegL LegR) you can click the arrow to paste to the buffer then copy mirrored pose from the buffer. (see attached) If you have problems it may because of bone roll. google


This flips only the current frame. I think he means if he has the walk cycle for the left side of the body he wants to mirror the entire walk cycle with half the animation cycle offset to the other side. If so then no, there exists no way. I wrote a script for myself that does this mirroring but it’s geared for game characters.