Can u use blender to create a 3d web design?

is it possible to use blender to create a 3d web site design…so its like walking through a 3d scene…i dont know if that makes sense but yea plz help…i know u can do it with other programs that are specially made for it but that costs money…which i dont have.

this is wat im talking bout

I don’t see why not. Keep in mind that he’s also using Flash to drive the presentation and to play the animations. So yeah, it’s perfectly possible to use Blender to produce similar work, but you need an interactive web content delivery mechanism, whether this is a Flash or any other plugin (or even something involving DHTML/AJAX and animated GIFs).

I thought those VRML days were long over :frowning:

Oh, it is, by a long shot. This site uses pre-rendered animations and Flash to play them.

well i created the into page to my website using blender…, also used it to create buttons and such but that was in previous versions