Can UV map rotation and scaling be displayed?

For urban planning I use UV mapping for laying out brickwork pavemants/streets etc. Often two parts (for example pavement and street) of the model differ in color of the texture, but have the same brick size.

So I would like to copy the rotation/scale of one UV mapped plane and apply to another to another part of the model (with a different texture). Is that possible? Now I match texture rotated and scaled texures by eye, which is giving me headaches…

In short: Can the rotation/scale value of the UV mapped texture be read somewhere, or can it be copied? :confused:

try cntl f “Copy active UV co ordinates” Dont mess with the faces “active Image” setting or both faces will wind up pointing to the same image map…

When do I hit ctrl-f? I can’t find the command “Copy active UV co ordinates”

Hrrm. because I’d screwed up. It IS in edit mode, while your UV mapping as usual, but its Cntl C (copy specials) not Cntl F (face specials)

I found it, but don’t understand it (can I paste the coordinates to antoher object?). Neither can I find any documentation on the ‘Copy Face Selected’ menu, Star Ranger4 could you shortly describe how it works?

Hello Rchv.

I think you can only copy in the same object.

Here is the process

  1. Go edit mode and then choose face selection mode.
  2. Select the face(s) you want to copy to.
  3. Then finally select the face you want to copy UV coords from (rot/scale)
  4. Press CTRL+C to get “Copy Face Selected” menu. From that choose, “Active UV Coords”
  5. Tada!!!

Hope this helped.

iluvblender, I tried it. I can copy the Active Image, but no succes on copy Actiev UV Coordinates. Nothing happens… Any thoughts…