Can VSE Read a PNG Sequence?

Hi All,

I just tried to import a PNG sequence into the VSE and my strip only ended up with a single image.

What is the trick to make Blender load all of them as if they were a movie?:confused:


Spacebar -> Image Sequence and then when you are in the file browser, select (right-click) all of the images in the sequence. If the directory you’re looking is only has the png images in it, you can press A to select them all. If it doesn’t, then in the name field, type in a “wild card” (e.g. if you have file001.png, file002.png, etc. then you can type “file*png” - without quotes) and all of the files in the sequence will be selected.

Thank you Fweeb, I thought this was possible!

you can also just right click the directory name (no need to drill down into it) to select all the images in the dir.