Can WALLS CHANGE COLOUR in these game engines?

In a virtual world, if the user presses a button say, can the walls of the world change colour, i.e. the texture map for the wall is changed on the fly??!! I’m talking about Armory/Godot/UPBGE or even UE…

That’s entirely possible in UE4 - you would use a Dynamic Material Instance and change any parameters on the material at runtime. There are numerous YouTube tutorials demonstrating the work flow with Blueprints.

yup, it easy if you use the search function or just used the mouse to click on resource section, but guess it’s to hard these days.

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BGE/UPBGE have a Python function to dynamically set the object color of any object that has a mesh.

Example: this set the object’s object color to red.

logic.getCurrentController().owner.color = [1,0,0,1]

For logic-bricks, you could use pre-created animations/meshes to change the color to the desired one.

actually, you can key frame the object color in the object properties and just play an animation to set the values.

set an action brick to property mode and have the property change depending on logic

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Yes, this is what I meant by animations, my bad on the mis-communication.

bro, I’ve never USED any of these game engines…!

that info is nowhere to be found and is actually off topic for your question and my answer. You aren’t new to the forum that is what counts here.

I’m only saying that if you used the search function or looked/searched in the resource section you would directly see a topic of mine with an example on how to do it. (i posted that topic only a few days before you asked)

so yes you can understand why i said what i said.