can we call a python script from blender indirectly

hi, every body,
thanks for viewing this thread, I wanted to know whether we can call a python script which is outside of blender enviroment in any of the local folder. Now can we write a script which uses the 1st one which is in any local folder not in blender enviroment.

Check out PYTHONPATH. There is some information at and .

hi BeBraw,
it actually helped me.
but it is working outside blender with python script but not working in blender enviroment.
when i run it shows an error like unable to find requested sensor
how to fix that one?

Could you provide more information? Exact error message might give some clues.

I haven’t used the way I mentioned myself so I cannot guarantee it will work perfectly. :s

i wanted to call a python script which script is not running in blender itself, i need to run that python script , so I called that script through another script. But still it is showing some error.
the code is like
g = GameLogic
c = g.getCurrentController()
o = c.getOwner()

mLEFT = c.getSensor(“left”)

if mLEFT.isPositive () :

is there anything wrong in the script as i wanted to call the script from outside?