Can we do it? (Animation short)


This is an animation short about a vegetable can that tries to escape from supermarket.

It´s one of my older animations and I never posted it, but it´s one of favorites I would like to share it with you.

Thanks, Georg


Nice animations! The tin cans are really expressive. I would only redo the fall which isn’t realistic enough, even for a cartoon-alike animation.

Hi Kaluura,
thanks for your comment. What exactly would you want to be improved? The pile as it bends or the cans as they crash on the ground?

I did the tumbling can pile with the recording function in the Blender game engine. There is a helpful tutorial for that on Blender Cookie.

Cheers, Georg

Yes, that’s exactly it. I watched again very carefully. It looks like you recorded several can piles falling down and used parts of the clips to re-build a single one. Something feels wrong to me… but it can also be only in my head. :wink: