Can we have repeating UV's if we are going to bake a high poly mesh on a low poly object


(Prince_Of_Sloth) #1


I am currently modelling a tank which has a low poly and a high poly model. The project is just practice for creating models for games.

Since the model has to be optimized for games. I need maximum quality on minimum UV space. I am only using 2 texture pages. So i am repeating UV shells that are exactly the same by placing it outside the 0-1 space on the same position.

My question is if I have to bake a high poly mesh to create normal maps for a low poly object, will it be OK to have repeating UV shells.

Thanks in advance.

(yogyog) #2

Simple answer - no. When baking a texture, you cannot bake an area of the texture twice.

I mean - both tracks are going to be the same, so you could delete one while baking, and then duplicate it.