Can we make a material fillet¿

Like in this example of Vray or mentalray

nobody know some way to make this kind of things with a material shader? in cycles or blender internal. I’m searching but I don’t find nothing.

i was wondering if that Cycles wireframe render
(you can apply textures to the wires so… could you apply bump to that texture?)

If you could single out what edges… maybe…
or else the bump would be applied to all edges…

Well. The kind is not the wire render. In the case of Vray the renderengine uses the wireframe map to make this kind of bump. But it’s a internal option, not a real funtion. If cycles or BI don’t have this must be implemented like a “addon” in the render. But I don’t know where I can do a proposal.

have you seen the fillet addon ?


I’m not talking about to change in the mesh.

Some procedural textures…


interesting way to make fake corners !

anyway to redo your proc text wtih cycles ?

but i think he wants to add some sort of bump map above the shape
like a camera mapping may be !


Yes, I’m searching a bevel effect in a material, to make smooth objects without bad geometry.

I am no Node expert. But I think you can composite edge rendered image over the original, giving it a specular overlay to make the edge shine. Any comments?

Here is quick try with simple geometry:

The I beam and floor has sharp corner and it has no bevel on it. The edge reflects light however. This is done by using two layer of material for each object. The top material is wire render with Z transparency / alpha set to zero. This wire is primary set with Specular channel. So, when light hits the right way the wire shins. So it only renders the edge highlight. Second material is assigned to over all object face that gives its color.

This method works to some degree. But if you shine the object from wrong angle all edges on the surface lights up, and not just the main feature.