can we make an official blender day

kinda like christmas or pi day

i think it would be awesome

do we already have one?

Yes, It is called everyday,

I celebrate every blenderday :slight_smile:

Thanks, cÃng lúc cÃng hay

The official “Blender Day”? That was yesterday.

Did you not get the memo?

awwwhhh fiddlesticks

it does sound like a good idea though, how about October 13th?..when blender went open source…

+1 to this and the whole idea!

Yeah, everyday is blenderday. You silly billy.

Yeah, I am for October 13th! :slight_smile: I’m gonna model all day long and eat a cake that looks like suzanne! And give something extra to the foundation, of course.

+1 October 13th

+1 to Oct 13th lol

Likewise. :slight_smile:

so where do we sign the papers :smiley:

I like this idea :smiley:
+1 to 13th October :wink:

just a reminder


should we do something?

Ten Thirteen nice ring to it… 10.13 maybe every 10 13 people can donate daily ! you know like 5 euros…