Can we scale hair particles with the mesh yet?

New to blender. Just discovered that my edited hair does not scale with the character…face palm

What is the work around?

well in case anyone stumbles in here looking for a work around. scale the armature in object mode instead of scaling the character with the root bone in pose mode. hair will scale properly.

Tried this, and thought all was well. Created several scenes and when scaling up, the hair scales normally. The problem arises when I render, at which point the hair no longer scales up, but scales way down. If I reload the scene the hair appears normal, but shrinks as soon as I render again. The characters are linked to external files. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Ok, figured it out, though I’m a bit perplexed by the solution. I had to scale up the object by the same amount that the rig was scaled up. Then when I played the animation the object snapped back to the proper size (as if it had never been scaled at all) and the hair rendered at the proper length. I’m certain this has something to do with the fact the character is linked to an external file and I’m sure this makes sense somewhere and to someone :slight_smile: