Can we toggle between face/edge/vert select modes with hotkeys?

Blender is a permanent part of my workflow, but my job has me using 3ds max quite a bit. I noticed that you can toggle between sub-object select modes by simply striking keys on the keyboard (1 = vertmode, 2 = edgemode, 3 = loopmode, 4 = facemode, etc).

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to hotkey this in Blender 2.5, because it’s much faster not having to move the mouse across the screen or having to navigate even a small menu. The closet thing I can customize is the hotkey for the select mode menu, not for vert, edge, face modes respectively. Is it possible? or am I beating my head against the wall? Is it possible to write a script to do this?

Thanks for any tips! :smiley:

Hitting CTRL+Tab in Edit mode will open a small menu at the location of the cursor in which you can chose vert, edge, or face selection mode.

Happy Blending :smiley:

Thanks, Robo, but I’m trying to bypass that menu if it’s at all possible. The menu is tiny, but it’s begun to feel like a hassle after being able to more quickly switch between modes in a different program. Idk… seems like a lost cause. Just figured someone around here would know one way or the other.

If you hold down SHIFT and click multiple selection options from the bottom header of the 3D view they will remain activated at the same time. So you could for example select vertices or edges, depending on where you right-click on the model.

Maybe this will be of help :wink:

This was for an earlier version of 2.5 so not checked if it still works the same way

Richard: that is exactly what I was hoping to find. The funny thing is, I found that same video the day after BA went down so I couldn’t put the thread to rest. I really appreciate the link though :smiley:

Hopefully it helps someone who’s asking the same or similar question :slight_smile:

Since I have to add these inputs every time there’s a new version, I made up a quicky JPG to remind myself of the moves (see attached).


If you transfer your startup.blend from the old version to the new, all of your settings are retained. You don’t have to do this every time. :slight_smile:

When a new blender version is released, the first time you open it, on the splash screen there is an option to transfer your settings.

Thanks much for that tip. You guys just saved me a bunch of time.