Can work Node and lights on stage together in final rendering?

HI Folks,

I’am a Blender Newby and hope someone can help me with my question.

I’am using a video and a 3D animation (walking Teddy Bear).
Because the video was not visible while rendering i started to use nodes (see screenshot).
But it looks like the sun or other lights have no effect in the final rendering (evee). When using Cycles the Teddy almost went black. In the viewport the Teddy looks much brighter.
Is it possible to use the lights on the stage and the nodes itogether, or does it not work that way? I’am using BLender 2.83.


are you using one of the hdri environment lights that are built into the viewport?

HI thinsoldier, thanks for helping me!
I didn’t recreate the lights in the viewport, but use the one that’s in there when opening a new project. Is that what you mean? The movie used in the project is taken with an iPhone X.