Can you access RVK's in python?

(iamamoocow) #1

Is it possible to access RVK’s in python?

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(tolobán) #2

The KEY module provides access but it currently dumps garbage.

(iamamoocow) #3

hmm, what do you mean by dumps garbage?

Seg fault, or gives you dodgey data, or what?

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(iamamoocow) #4

And why is the Key module here:

and not here:

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(LetterRip) #5

If you look at the blender version numbers you’ll see that Cambos version is for the upcomming 2.4 whereas the other link is for 2.28 quite a few things have been added since 2.28


(tolobán) #6

Sorry if that sounded horrible. In a script I wanted to write, I intended to get the geometry of the keys with NMesh.getKey() then getBlocks() and then getData(), but only results for the first vertex are correct. The coordiantes for the rest of the vertices are wrongly retrieved and from a certain point, it seems only memory garbage is returned. So a data dump gives useless information.

(LetterRip) #7

Did you report this in the bug tracker?


(tolobán) #8

I just did.