Can you achieve this effect in the BGE???


I don’t know how to achieve a realistic fire effect in the Blender Game Engine. I am going for this type of look (a fire and smoke effect):

I have looked forever for a .blend file which creates this type of effect, unfortunately I didn’t find a realistic fire and smoke. Can you please post a .blend file of how to achieve this cool effect? I can only understand through .blend files.

Many thanks for viewing this.

It is possible that you will need to render the fire and save it as an avi or a sequence, and later use the video texture - bge api. The BGE dont support realtime particles.

You call that realistic? Not really to me.

You can fake particles in BGE by adding textured planes. There are some tutorials somewhere

I’m seeing a lot of related blend files through a certain popular internet search engine. Create that fire. You can do it !