Can you add texture to roundcube

For most of my project, I’ve used roundcube and when I’m adding texture, they only get color from it. Is there another way to texture a roundcube?


Hi, i presume you have already tried and it didn’t work?
Any way it should work fine if you uv unwrapped/mapped the right way.

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Yes, I tried with UV but when I’m at edit mode and select parts, it doesn’t show me at the UV editor

You need to be in xray mode to be able to select all faces.
There is no reason why it shouldn’t work.
A screenshot of your uv editor will helpful.

For head, I used modifier mirror but I don’t think that would impact on texture

You have to be in the UV editor window… the best thing to do is enter the UV workspace ( UV tab at the top )… You must select ALL in the 3d view and enter Edit mode…The UV will not show up until you Unwrap the cube… In the 3d viewport, Hit U on the keyboard, and then select your Unwrap preference… cubic would be the logical choice…

Rounded Cube with 4 subdivisions…


And to add to that, you will benefit from adding the textures coordinates and mapping nodes to your shader.

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Jesus, I didn’t even think of that. Thank you very much <3

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