Can you adjust the size or offset of the edge length info?

In the N panel there is an option to view edge lengths. (also face area and angles)

Is there somewhere in the preferences where this text size can be increased? It is exceptionally small and difficult to read on a high res monitor.

If a size adjustment is not possible, can the offset be set so that it is moved a bit further away from the line? (Often it is right on the line and this also makes it difficult to read at times.


No, only the color.

@JA12, thanks for pointing out that the color could be changed. Although I’m with rcpongo in that being able to change the text size would be useful, changing to a bright color definitely helps, as shown in the screen shots.

It’s possible to do it in python using the blf module, but the whole draw routine must be written from scratch.

I know that this is an old topic, but for the life of me, I can’t find how to change the color. Can someone please help?

go to user preference interface
at top left there is scale for text all over
and this will increase all text shown on your screen including
edge length in 3D viewport

but at maximum scale it makes everything larger on your screen
and might not be the best option hard to find things!

happy bl

Hi Naylin,

My previous attempt to reply went sideways, so I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

From Blender’s File menu choose User Preferences and switch to the Themes tab. As shown in the attached screen shot, you can change the color of the edge length to your liking.