Can you anchor a bone to a location?

Hey all,

Is there a way to anchor the hand bone of my armature to a single location partway through the animation so as to avoid further movement?

I’m trying to set up a scene where my character pulls themself out of a pool via its edge. I’m having difficulty where after the character’s hands make contact with the edge of the pool I get a lot of twitchy/slippery movement in them as they pull themself up. I need those hands to stay firmly fixed onto the locations they landed, acting as anchor points with no movement other than the flexing of the fingers.

As of right now I’m simply placing temporary cylinders at the initial location of the hand and using that as a guide as to where to center the hand bones as I keyframe. It helps, but I still see the hands slipping around. I can only smooth out the hand animation so much with keyframes alone. Looking around on the web some people have mentioned a bone’s location can be locked and keyframed via Bones Properties > Transform > Lock Locations X, Y, or Z. But it appears this section is greyed out for me. I need this to be one seamless animation as well. So making a separate animation where the hand is already in its location and locked in place is not an option. Any advice is appreciated.


Inverse kinimatics.

This will allow you to move the hand and the elbow will follow. Or in you case keep the hand still and move the shoulder.

Find a tutorial on setting up an IK rig.