Can you animate array properties?

I want to animate the amount of object copies in an array (go from 100 to 1) but I can’t find an ipo for it. is there any way to do/fake this?

I don’t think you can animate the array count. But if you want to animate the offset properties, just enable ‘use object offset’ and link it to an empty that has an ipo.

Hey TheNodeRanger,
Just tested your Idea using the build modifier.
Set the first cube start 1 end 10
Set the second start 10 end 20 and so on.
I acheived good results of cubes popping up everywhere.
I did have to press P key and seperate all loose parts.
You could maybe reverse the animation for it to go from 100-1

Hope this helps as a proxy soloution.


unfortunately I did try that with build - and as I am using converted text meshs every object in the array would pop in slightly, but at the same time (ie all the "e"s would show up at once. not the effect I was looking for). I think I would have to do it letter by letter? anyway the way you mentioned would also be too time consuming considering I had two arrays with over 100 objects each.

something that sort of worked was animated scaling the null while animating the spacial offset. maybe this will help somebody else… never quite got what I was thinking of though