Can you animtate the morph targets in makehuman?

I am using MH 1.8b on a project currently and am wondering if you can animate the morph targets so that say, you can creat a shot where the characters mouth goes from the “open” target to the “closed” target and so on and soforth.


Its possible using RVKs. For a quick overview of RVKs try:

Basically set up the human you want with MakeHuman. Then you need to set a base key. Then you need to modify the human using MakeHuman, and set more keys. Then you can use the sliders to set different poses and states of facial animation. In theory, you could set every facial morph target to a value of 1, set a key, set it to a value of -1, set a key, and then have limitless potential.

You have to save both the object with the closed mouth and the object with the open mouth and then append object 2 to object 1 as a new RVK like explained on this thread: