can you apply a modifier that is being animated?

I am trying to do a fluid simulation where the fluid is being contained in an object that is modified by an animated boolean modfier. When I attempt the fluid simulation the fluid stays put in the original object (ignoring the boolean modifer). When I apply the modifier the fluid will expand to the new modified shape, however the animation doesn’t work anymore (it only applies the modification to the keyframe I’m on. I included a super simple blender file here in case anyone wants to take a look…you can just drag the timeline between 0-20 to see what im talking about

I’m not sure what to do, but feel like there has to be a way to APPLY the boolean modifier to an animation.


try.blend (581 KB)

The boolean is acting after the fluid sim in the stack. Normally you could just bump it up above it, but not with a fluid sim.

It’s a bit unclear, even after looking at the blend just what exactly you are try to do. Forget what you have done, explain clearly, or show an image/video of the effect you want to do.

There’s almost always a way, be it control objects, shape keys, dynamic paint, vertex masks, who knows.

Applying a modifier makes that modifier’s current state on the active frame the permanent base form of the object. So if the modifier is animated, the thing that is being animated disappears. There is no way to animate something that doesn’t exist, so you will lose any animation being done within the modifier.

OK so here is what I am trying to do ( sorry about the horrible explanation above - i was super tired when i wrote that last night)

So i have something like this:

and i want the cylinder on the right to be carrying a fluid. When the two cylinders intersect i want the fluid from the right cylinder to flow freely into the new space created between the two cylinders.

Any thoughts?

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