Can you blend animations between states?

Say your player is in state 1 doing a run animation. And logic is set to change to state 2 and do an attack animation when the player is close to an enemy. Is there a way to add blending frames between the two animations states so the transition is smooth?


blendin , layers, and priorities all need to be correct, as well as blend amount

This has nothing to do with states, but with playing actions. The solution is as BluePrintRandom suggests.

The Blendin option tells how many frames the animation will interpolate from the current pose to the pose of the current action…

Example: Blendin: 5

frame 0: current pose 100% (you activate the next action and deactivate the current one if there is one)
frame 1: current pose 80% action pose 20%
frame 2: current pose 60% action pose 40%
frame 3: current pose 40% action pose 60%
frame 4: current pose 20% action pose 80%
frame 5: current pose 0% action pose 100%

Thanks for the input.
Its been my experience that if you have say a walk action with 5 blend in frames on States 1.And you have an attack action with 5 blend in frames on state 2. That when it switches to state 2 it just snaps to the attack action with no noticeable blending.
If both the actions are in state one and I switch between the actions I see the blend in. I’m at work now but I’ll try and post a demo blend to show what I mean.