Can you change the name and icon of the executable in the middle of the game?

To start, I am using version 0.2.5a of UPBGE.

I’m making a game, which starts lying to you, until the player finds out what’s going on and the game changes the theme and even the name itself.

So I want to change the icon and the name of the executable, for this new theme.

It is possible?

Techncially yes, but practically no.

When Vista was introduced, programs stopped being given write access to the default install locations (think Program Files). Config and save files were expected to be either online, or stored in one or more locations:

  • AppData (local and roaming)
  • ProgramData
  • Homepath
  • Registry (although, not so much these days)
    Note that if you try to save files in Program Files, it will most likely end up in the “VirtualStore” folder, which is inside AppData and leave the original file unchanged.

The user would have to manually provide full control of the installation in order for it to change itself, or run the program as Administrator, or run your program entirely in one of the above mentioned folders.

You could have two executables and use a launcher to decide which one to run. You’d have to relaunch the game to get it to change mid-session.

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sorry for the delay in replying, but thanks for the reply, i will do something different then.

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What about changing the interface they’re using in-game? Like, subtle rewording of the buttons and controls, then later on adding new ones or removing some.

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