can you control where fracture or cell fracture puts the cracks?

I’m creating a collapsing cliff for a VFX shot… I’ve built a cliff from photo and video references, but when I use cell-fracture or fracture tools I can’t make the cracks appear in the cracks on the cliff. Is there a way of doing this? There seem to be ways of controlling the center of the object, but not the edge. Any ideas?

As you will already know, this setting is controlling where the cracks appear.

Therefore you may check out grease pencil as source (I never tried this, seemed too risky with my pc) or create an simple object just of the cracks, add a particle system to it and use it as source (make it a child an set the source to “child particles”).

But I warmly suggest you using the custom blender fracture modifier build: It works very well with rigid bodies and is far less messy :slight_smile: