Can you convert a bezier curve to an IPO curve?

I have been working on integrating terragen and blender for a project. So far, I have successfully exported a camera IPO into terragen from blender and composited a terragen terrain flyover with blender objects.

Here is my problem: I would like to animate my camera along a path or bezier curve, but terragen can only read IPO curves. Is there a way to set up my camera to move along a curve and then convert the camera position for each frame into an IPO curve?

I have tried to manually insert a camera keyframe for different points during animation, but since the camera is parented to the curve, the IPO curve shows only local movement (which results in a flat IPO curve).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Those may help.


Thanks, Fligh! I’ll try it.

I also managed to do this successfully by keyframing it manually. Create the Path Curve and parent the translated object to it with a TrackTo Constraint and target. Then Keyframe every 10 or so frames with VisualLocRot. Since, after your first keyframe though, the translated object is under the influence of both the Path and the IPO it’ll jump into CrazySpace when moving 10 frames forward. Just use Alt-O to get it back on the Path before the next keyframe.


Excellent! Thanks, Fligh! This is exactly what I needed.