Can you convert edges to hair guides

Here is hoping that you can, because it would make life ever so much easier.

You can convert edges to curves and use those as hair guides

Awesome, can you give me a quick pointer or two on how to do that?

Select the object you want to convert to curves and hit alt-c and pick “curves from mesh or text”.

Well I created a sphere and then a cube, hit alt C (on each one at a time) and picked “Curves from mesh of text”. In the lower left corner a new window pops up giving me the option to Keep original.

But nothing else happens and no visible curves are generated.

Could someone please tell me what the missing step is?

After working with it a little, I was in fact able to turn a sphere into splines by deleting the faces first. I presume that you are meant to convert a faceless object into a series of splines?

However I cannot ascertain how to convert this to hair. Any help would be appreciated.