Can you create edges from texture lines?

Hi folks,

Imagine i’ve created a texture from cellnoise. So, it has hard, blocky, straight lines.

I now want to take that texture and apply it to a 2D plane so that those lines become edges in the plane (so, it’ll subdivide that plane according to the pattern on lines in the texture).

Anyone have any idea how to do that?


If set Viewport shading to Material Preview, you can manually trace egdes following visible texture.

But if you want a way to automatically obtain lines, there is none inside Blender.
The easiest way, is probably to export an image of texture usable in vector graphics software.

Bake texture or render a textured plane.
Save Image.
Import Image in Inkscape or Illustrator.
Vectorize what interests you.
Export as SVG.
Import SVG in Blender.
Convert imported Curve object as a mesh.

Maybe somebody made an addon for that. But I don’t know it.

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Inkscape has an addon for auto doing contours

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and , so does Gimp also .

where do you find it in Gimp ?

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