Can you decrease the number of keyframes during auto-keyframing?

Auto-keyframing inserts far too many keyframes (about 10 x more than needed). Is there a way to decrease the number significantly?

Use a keyset. You can customize one to your liking or use the premade ones. Also, in user prefs> editing, check Only Insert Available. This will only key items that have previously been keyed in your animation.

Thank you, DanPro!

I’m animating a camera flight through a scene, so I don’t think I can use the Insert Available-option.

But keysets sound very interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t know what they are :D. Could you perhaps point me in the right directions?

In the time line, you will see a little box with a key icon. If you click it, there will be a list of keying sets like, loc/rot, loc/rot,scale, whole character, etc. Pick a set that will be useful for your animation. This will restrict the channels that are keyed.

Thank you very much, I didn’t know that; that’s really helpful!