Can you disable the quit game function with Esc key?

It seems that if I use the Keyboard actuator with the Esc key, it overwrites the function.
But I mainly use Python and when I write a function for the Esc key, it won’t overwrite the function and end the game.
Is there any way how to disable this function?

just change it to something else. i like the pause/break key.

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in general setup assign exit key not equal esc or assign empty key button, and use bge.logic.endGame(), if you need end game. In python keyboard events/inputs support all keys

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What I have found out is, if I assign anything like sending a message through an actuator in logic bricks it overwrites the quit game function, and then I can write a new function for the Esc key with python.
But I don’t know if this is the best way but it works.

if method work for game and simply and understand and not calling errors - this good choice

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If you want a way to completely remove any exit-key input, here’s a method that I use to allow only menu exiting or OS force software closing methods:

import bge
bge.logic.setExitKey( == 2)
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Can you change the Esc key function afterward if you disable this?

Absolutely. Here’s a full blend file demonstrating the code technique.
Click the SPACE key to toggle whether the quit-key is locked or unlocked.

import bge

def main(self):
    if self.owner["Lock"] == True:
    elif self.owner["Lock"] == False:
    if[] == 1:
        self.owner["Lock"] = not self.owner["Lock"]


BGE_Toggle_Quit_Input.blend (90.2 KB)

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Works great, thank you.

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