can you do a rig with mirror active?

5 have 2 characters that i whant to rig for an animation but they have mirror modifyers on them. do i have to delete the mirrors and re atach the other side or can i do the rig with them active? i tryed to do this with another character but whatever one side did so did the other. i don’t want to have to re do the models eather? dose anyone have a suggetion?

I think you can use an Armature Modifier and change the order that the modifiers get applied so that the mirror is before the armature.

Hope this will help.

not a good idea to rig with mirror mod on the mesh it will cause weird deformation where the mesh meets plus if you move the left arm the right arm will also move just finish your model the way you are satisfied and apply the mirror modifier then rig you could also make a copy of your mesh with the mirror and put it in anoter layer just in case u need it but apply the modefier in the mesh u are going to rig