can you do a rig with mirror active?

i have 2 characters that i whant to rig for an animation but they have mirror modifyers on them. do i have to delete the mirrors and re atach the other side or can i do the rig with them active? i tryed to do this with another character but whatever one side did so did the other. i don’t want to have to re do the models eather? dose anyone have a suggetion?

You can design you rig with the Mirror Modifier on. Name the bones arm.L and arm.R so you also have the mirrored bone. ( Bone Mirror should be checked in the T panel ) , now the big question arrives when going for the final weight painting. Go ahead and apply the Mirror modifier so the other side of the mesh becomes real. Then do your parenting with create from bone heat or whatever you wanted to use.

I would recommend though to save your file ( with a new name ) right before applying the modifier just in case something went wrong.

later check-mark the Vertex Mirror in the T panel so you can re-edit the mesh symmetrically since the mirror modifier won’t exist anymore.

thank you soooooooo much. you save me so much time! i was going to duplicate the whoe thing, flip it then join the 2 sides. this is much easyer! thank you.