Can you do these things in the gimp?

Hi, i’ve been having somewhat of a blender break for many reasons, but now i’m back.

so, anyways, i’m a bit curious about if how to do these things in the gimp:

1, making a texture seamless.
2, completely change the colour scheme of an image.
3, convert an image into a normal map.

Thank you in advance, and please tell me how to do these things, if possible too. =)

It can do 1 and 2, they’re in the filters menu somewhere.
Not sure about 3- although I’m unsure why you’d want to.


useful, thank you very much! :smiley:

If Gimp’s “Make Seamless” filter doesn’t give the desired results, make sure to check out the resynthesizer plugin ->

or do it the old fashioned way and go to layer—> offset then use the " clonestamp" tool to paint over the seams.

to change the colour scheme you can always use the "hue /saturation control from the colours menu or use the colour balance tool to pusj one way or the other. It’s a good idea to copy the whole image to a new layer for this kind of stuff. that way you can vary the layer opacity, blend mode or add a mask to remove the effect from some areas… or just toggle the layer on and off to check against the original.