Can you draw a line in Blender?

I’m now having trouble extruding a cylinder shape for modeling whatever character I want so I heard that you can draw in the Blender if that’s the easy way to modeling your characters.

Is that true?

@ BladeNaturer
Yes you can draw in Blender using the Grease Pencil feature. To turn on Grease Pencil hit N on your keyboard, while your mouse is hovering over the 3D veiwport, to bring up your right viewport menu from there you can add a new Grease Pencil layer and change the layer settings. Then bring up your left viewport menu with T and go to Grease pencil and check use sketching session (you don’t have to but it makes it easier to use the Grease Pencil). Then you just choose the mode of the pencil from above the check-box. Hope this helps.

Okies giving it a shot so I’ll be screenshotting here

Is this the menu on what it should be in order to draw?

@ BladeNaturer
Sorry I assumed that you were running on Blender 2.5. For the 2.4 series if you click on the view menu and select Grease Pencil.Then the Use Grease Pencil toggle and select Add New Layer to use the Grease Pencil.

Ok I got it and here’s a question:

When using the grease pencil do you only draw your characters normally like its not meant to make anything 3D?

@ BladeNaturer
Yeah Grease Pencil is just to draw on your scene in 2D. You can’t use it to make anything 3D as far as I know.

Ok thank you very much! :wink:

You mean something like this video?

Thank you soo much for this snapshot, It will definitely help me out I suppose.