Can you edit selected key in the graph editor with absolute values?

My problem seems simple.
In the graph editor I’d like to have the possibility to directly change the absolute values of a selected key. On my example this is the Y location of frame 49.
As far as I know I can only do this by going specifically to that actual frame (on my example moving there from fr. 78) then finding the value somewhere in the UI and change it there.


I know I can hit G and translate the keyframe as I’d do it in every editor. But I would like a dedicated place where I can see the actual value of that specific selected key and I could click there and change it instantly without the need of changing frames and searching for the field in the UI.
It could be on a tab of the N panel, or an invoked popover. Anything!

Do you have any ideas? Am I just dumb not to find the simple solution?

If there’s nothing like this in Blender, I’ll definitely make a RCS proposal although I don’t really believe in that site working for us.

I think what you want is: n panel > F Curve > Active Keyframe

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well, then I’m just blind probably. Thanks :slight_smile:

No Problem, have a good day.