Can you expand the available Space in the BGE?


I’ve been wondering if it is possible to expand the available space/sight in the BGE, because I’ve noticed that the more you scale the scene up, the better the physics get and the more precise my motion/near/ray values get… But when I scale it up too much Blender isn’t displaying what is too far (e.g. the skybox which looks really weird…)
Is there any script or option to expand that space?
Thanks in advance,

You can increase that distance, its called the clipping distance.

You will find this option in the camera tab when you have the camera selected, its default is 100 units.

The physics engine assumes that 1 unit = 1 metre, so gravity may appear a little strange. Although, if it works good for you, and you like the look of it don’t let that stop you.

Nice thanks a lot!
So is it the Gravity that makes me think the physics improved? Or did it really improve? xD


Well, because an object falls at a speed in m/s, when you scale everything up and assume one unit = 2m than its going to appear that everything is falling at half the speed than normal. Perhaps it may be that everything is now moving slower that you’ve scaled it up, so you have more time to observe the physics.

You could try slowing things down, as I think this would have a similar effect to scaling everything up.

In my experience the physics accuracy increases for larger units. I try to keep the smallest objects larger than 0.2 units, and just increase the gravity. So if I work with 1 Blender unit is 10 cm than I would need to set the gravity at 98. To set the gravity above 25 you’ll need a script (see below) since the UI has the odd limit of 25 :confused:.

from bge import logic
logic.setGravity([ 0.0, 0.0, -98.0])

The other way would probably be to mess around with the collision margins etc.

PS: you should also scale the speed of sound if you want it all correct :evilgrin:

Ah yes, you can’t forget about sound.

Sound is taken to travel at 343 m/s in the BGE, so if you scale everything up by x2 make it 686 m/s.