Can you feel the heat?

Can you feel the heat?
The tanned skin might fade but the memories will last forever.
Summer is all about sunshine, tan lines, sunglasses, beaches, long nights, tall drinks, relaxation, and if you’re lucky a summer vacation for you and your loved ones. Without a doubt, summer is the most anticipated season of the year, and whether or not it’s your favorite, there are endless things to love about it.
What are your plans for this summer?

Hey it’s getting a little colder now in the southern hemisphere, but hopefully I’ll fly just in time to catch summer in the north and avoid winter entirely. Do some snorkeling over here :
…and forget for a while about anything polygonal heheh


Perhaps 1 million dollars will cheer you up. :slight_smile:


Not if he uses it to plan a much more elaborate and costly death…


me i gonna be in home working lmao…

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Hoping you can glimpse the underwater world. Wishing you all the best!

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oh yes and to you too !

Bro, Seek help if you need it.

Thanks, dude!

Don’t waste your chances of living in this world dude. There’s a lot of ways to be happy in this world. try reading this maybe it can help you gain some ideas.

Staying vigilant, by continuing to follow the latest health guidance in my region.

So please do keep in mind that this covid bug still holds all the cards, despite a global vaccination rollout.

You folks up north are having a tough time of late however sure, enjoy summer but under the current circumstances tempered with common sense.

Winter is upon us in AUS although here in Melbourne for instance, it seems the gods (…or indeed climate change) saw fit too bless us with an ‘Indian-Summer’ warm spell during Easter long weekend.

Yesterday the temp hit 30C (86 Fahrenheit)

Have a safe one :sunglasses: