Can you find circle/curves Tangents?

Not tangent space normal maps. I mean model a line that is mathematically tangent to another line.

You would probably switch to the “Normal” transform orientation but you might want to give a little more info to get a better grade of answer.

Also I think this is probably just you not being precise but you can’t really have a line that is tangent to another line. Mathematically. Tangents only apply to curves of degree greater than 1.

I would think of two different diameter circles you’d want to connect using two tangent edges and how to get the vertex on approximated circle then.
Short answer still is that blender is not a CAD application i guess. Eyeball it? because all the methods described here… well.

Eyeball it. I add a stick (cube scaled down along two axes and scaled up in the other axis) to the scene (usually on an unused layer) to help.


I’m still using B2.49b which keeps surprising me with features I didn’t expect so I was wondering if there was one.

I am eyeballing it for now.

what is 2.49 ? LOL

happy cycles