Can you have mesh particles that don't intersect?

Hey there I’m just wondering what I should be using if I’m after this result where there’s scattered randomly rotated pills that aren’t intersecting each other like this…

At the moment mine looks like this where I’ve used a particle system but they’re intersecting.

or should I be using something else like rigid bodies?

Thanks in advance.

Rigid bodies do work well for this:

There is a ‘capsule’ shape type in the physics settings that is ideal for this application.

Thanks for that, so something like this…

is there a way for say the tablets that I have to always face in the z axis, ie how they are in my previous example…

Well, for the tablets, I would set the shape to ‘cylinder’, and they will tend to fall on their flat side anyway. You might need to do a little manual fine tuning if there are any oddball tablets.

You’ll also want to make sure that any friction settings are very low to encourage all of the capsules to spread out, rather than clump.

Thanks for that,

in the end I think I’m just going to manually place them as I have more creative control and it was starting to suck up all my memory on my machine.

So end up with something like this rather than the top view I was thinking of.

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