Can you help me assign a material that doesn't seem to want to be assigned?

Hi - Apologies for my ineptitude

I’ve been following a tutorial - and I can’t seem to assign the material worked on to my model. The assign button does not seem to work.

Can someone tell me why?

Thank you

Do you have some geo selected when you click Assign? If you hover over the part you want to assign (in Edit mode) and hit L it will select all contiguous polys. Or hit A to select all… or manually shift+select geo…

Thanks for responding - yes all the geometry is elected - but nothing happens when I press assign

You didn’t say what Blend Version, but I would get out of Workbench render and set to Eevee, or Cycles.
I removed and rearranged some Nodes…as too many Mix RGB connected were not needed.
You had UV node set for Sandstone transparency…but there is no UV map for it…and I am not sure what you were doing with it, as the texture would just give you stripes of Brick ( did you want the stripes with plaster in-between?). Just didn’t know what you were trying to do there.

hey man - Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. It really was as simple as getting out of Workbench - That was why I couldn’t assign the material. I’m not too sure about the setup of the node editor - I downloaded this from the tutorial files for the tutorial I am taking - I guess it gets covered in further chapters but I agree - The tutor could have provided a simpler example to teach mixed texturing.

Thank you again

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