Can you help me to model a particular hair clip?

I know that I’m annoying this forum with my question but I need your help (if you have some spare time for me).
I want to model (and print) This hair clip: images
I’ve made a sketch:

I’m a newbie, I know, but I’m willing to learn. The main problem for me is how to mentally approach this model.
I’ve tried to start from a plane and extrude vertex by vertex to create a complex shape, without using curves, and with great attention on topology, but curve shape are terrible, and I have a lot of issue on the lower part when I try to subdivide surface to smooth the edges.

So, what is the correct way to model this?

Thank you in advance

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Theres a way to actually draw with vertices kind of.

First you have to add a cube in object mode, go to edit mode and delete the cube, select delete vertices, make sure vertex selection is on (press 1) then you do ctrl right click if your select is left click and vice versa, it doesn’t work well with cylinders, but it does work well with cubes and points.

It doesn’t work well with cylinders because you need lots of edge loops on the side, if you get what I mean.

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Try using some simple shapes and play with edge creases and some modifiers, like this:
hairpin.blend (665.3 KB)

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