Can you help with Boolean Operations in Blender 2.24

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I have heard that Boolean operations are improved in Blender 2.24 and 2.25, call me stupid but I can’t find them. I know how to Intersect shapes in 2.23 but where are the controls or buttons in the above versions?
Help would be appreciated.


(tordat) #2

W button

(VelikM) #3

Create a ‘UVsphere’, exit edit mode, create a ‘Cube’, exit edit mode, move the Cube to the left until the side of the Cube is about in the middle of the Sphere, add a Red material to the Cube, make the sphere Blue, select the Sphere, then shift select the Cube, ‘W’ key select ‘Difference’, delete the original objects or move them to a different layer. By adding materials to the objects before you Boolean them the materials are kept by the new object.

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Oh those boolean things. Follow the steps mentioned by VelikM. I would advise you to use 2.25 instead of 2.24 as the number of polygons in the output is really quite phenomenal in 2.24 (If I remember the versions correctly). Hopefully there will be a better version availble when the sources are opened.

Occasionally you might get a message ‘Sorry - internal error’. Sometimes you can get round it by just doing the same operation again. Otherwise try nudging one of the objects.

Also don’t expect it to work well when either of the operand meshes is not closed. Coincedent faces are also not handled too gracefully.

I guess this brings up another interesting question. If blender goes open source this presumable means we can get access to a lot of this type of common code that has been written in other open source projects. It also makes a lot of sense to use a seperate open source version and put the effort into improving that instead of reinventing the wheel as so many commercial projects are forced to do. Prime examples of this type of open source functionality already written are

Booleans, IK, Decimation, Physics, collision detection, subsurfs.
What else do you think/know is available in the open source domain for us to use in free blender?

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