Can you help with my node setup please?

Hi guys,

Ive been working on a dartboard and am trying to combine - Main texture - Cracks - Holes - Fluff - etc. But I am sure I am doing it wrong and would like to get my head around how it should be done before I move forward with the wrong setups. I am using many mix shaders but think I should combine more using mix RGB nodes beforehand instead, but I am struggling with what plugs into what.

I am happy with the Cream areas but there are too many colour inputs from colour ramps etc, that although I like the result, it feels like a mess and not the right approach. I was hoping to copy and paste the framed nodes from the Cream to the Red / Black / Green areas and simply adjust the colours, but as you can see the black areas have too much white and simply doesn’t transfer over as hoped.

Often I only want to affect a specific area of texture, like the cracks for example. I want the darker areas to show from colour ramp but not the white areas that affect the entire cream area.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Edit - Ive been trying to upload blend file, but now realise it is too big at 25mb

I didn’t check your nodes, but I’d approach masks and such like this:

The White Noise make random color per “tile”, which is scaled and added to the 2D coordinates. When fed to the musgrave you get a different pattern on each tile. I noticed yours is continuous which doesn’t look right when I checked out online images.
The modulo 2 node gets you the dark and bright segments, whereas the two greater than nodes gets you the two inner rings. Up to you if you want/need to snap the value to certain divisions, I don’t have a clue about darts other than it tends to hurt if played too drunk. :stuck_out_tongue:
A dardboard material up close in the images I checked looked very “holey” outside the visible obvious holes. Suggesting there are pockets in there where specular energy ends up getting absorbed rather than reflected back. I’d simply scale down the specular value significantly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I have literally copied what you have done and am now playing around to see if I can figure out exactly what you are doing and what else to connect to bring it all together. The cracks are indeed continuous so no need to separate.

A lot to get my head around for this time of night. Seriously though, thank you so much!

An hour later… So I think I need to do more research on masking like this. I have almost always used the actual mesh to assign different materials to each area.

So I copied your tree exactly, I just had to change the separate XYZ to work with my plane

But I am not getting 20 segments which I assume is what the red value node is trying to achieve?

I had to add .1 to the modulo, else it is all black

Any ideas why please? Thanks

I didn’t save it. Can you share the problematic part?

I dont know what part is problematic? Its the same as what you created, but for me it only splits the plane in 2, not 20 segments like a dartboard and what is shown on your screenshot.

Your model. If it worked for me on a filled circle, there must be something in the modelling aspect that would be impossible to guess.

Thxs for this. I shall investigate.